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Bong Investment Football Academy (BIFA) goal is to create a healthy environment where kids can play the beautiful game and as well as being successful in the classroom. The expectations and regulations are very simple and strong. Before any kid (s) can be part of the academy, that kid should be ready to study harder and pass his lessons before even participating in the training. BIFA is not just focusing on football. We’re also trying to motivate all of our players to perform better in school.
This organization's goal is to help those less fortunate but talented kids whose parents want to see their lives being transformed into a brighter future. We strongly support a soccer program that would help those kids in poverty back in Liberia. BIFA offers teams from age 6 to 17 with over 150 plus players recruited from all districts within Bong County and Liberia at large. BIFA is not just focusing on football but encouraging parents of the kids to be involved in the empowerment of their kids. Football serves as a motivation to strive for educational greatness.
Since our founding, Bong Investment Football Academy has had the opportunity to help countless payers acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their learning journey. Known as the First Soccer Academy in the Gbarnga area, we provide a wide range of opportunities and support for players from all backgrounds and levels.

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